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10 & 15 day Short Courses for the Unemployed*

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Modern Skills: COURSES

  • Basic Painting and Decorating inc Health and Safety  + CSCS (10 Days)


  • Dry Lining (Interior systems) inc Health & Safety + CSCS(10 Days)


  • Dry Lining (Interior systems) inc Health & Safety + CSCS  in Partnership with Keep Moat Group (15 days)


  • Basic Plastering - Equipment and Materials + Basic Plastering Techniques,Clear and Store Plastering Tools & Equipment (10 days)


  • Building Maintenance Multi Trade Repair and Refurbishment inc Health and Safety, +  CSCS (10 Days)


  • Basic Constructions Skills, Bricklaying, Plumbing / Carpentry + CSCS (10 Days)


  • Basic Constructions Skills, Bricklaying, Plumbing / Carpentry  + CSCS in Partnership with Wates Group (10 days)


  • Basic Constructions Skills, Bricklaying, Plumbing / Carpentry + CSCS in Partnership with Keep Moat Group (15 Days)

* Eligibility to courses

Modern Skills Construction

This is a project to help those who are unemployed who have experience in construction get back into a job and to work. Funded by the European Social Fund - ESF (through the Skills Funding Agency) Ixion will be delivering the London Skills Construction courses in the London Central, North & East areas.

We encourage the following to participate:

Unemployed and economically inactive people of working age, including: People who have been unemployed for over 6 months who are aged 25+ (including the DWP Work Programme returners); Young people aged 18-24; Economically inactive people, excluding students; Women ; People aged 50+ ; BAME groups ; Ex-offenders; Ex-military; Care leavers; People with disabilities including mental health issues.

Candidates will be offered funded training in a construction discipline or will attend a ten day re-training programme for construction. Support will also be offered for CV writing, interview techniques and even job searching. The entire programme isn't aimed at training people for the sake of training but to focus on getting former construction workers back into work.

Today's construction industry is fast changing, as witnessed by the London skyline. There is a future in construction and if you would like some help getting the skills required to be a part of it please get in touch. We'll help get your career going again, if you're real about helping yourself then we'll give you the skills, protective equipment and works placements to get back into construction trades.

The project is suited for 2 types of unemployed construction workers:

  • Those looking to gain new skills and experience
  • Those looking to take on a higher level of responsibility or to refresh their skills in the job

The Role of Construction

Construction has the potential to stimulate the economy and play a leading role in delivering growth. It helps to meet the economic and social challenges which cities face across the infrastructure, housing, repair and maintenance, industrial and commercial sectors. A skilled construction workforce drives growth and creates jobs locally. For every £1 spent on a construction worker’s salary, 90p is returned to the local economy.

The London Challenge

With the economy picking up and almost all construction sectors expected to grow, we need to ensure that the construction workforce has up to date skills to help London employers win new business as we return to growth. Construction SMEs report, for example, that they lack the business development skills and experience which are needed to win work in the public sector and/or with major contractors as the industry emerges from recession. With clear signs of growth already visible in London, the majority of occupations are forecast to see increased demand in the near future, with sough tafter occupations likely to include wood trades and interior fit-out and building envelope specialists.

The London construction industry, therefore, needs to attract new skilled workers to meet the increased demand for skills, to replace those leaving the sector and fulfil the industry’s order book. We will ensure that construction businesses and individuals have the skills they need to be successful as the industry returns to growth.

Cranes can be seen on the skyline of every corner of the capital and the construction industry needs thousands of new workers every year to keep pace with demand. It is a fantastic time to start work in that sector and we intend that this scheme will help provide Londoners with the necessary skills to do so.

Supporting Growth Through People

Re-engaging the unemployed construction workforce

We assist unemployed construction workers to help them enter or re-enter the industry and ensure that valuable skills are retained in the sector. Developed in conjunction with key stakeholders, this project is engaging with unemployed benefit claimants and ensuring that they have up to date knowledge and skills which will support their entrance or return to employment in the construction sector.

Re-engaging the unemployed construction workforce

This work placement programme provides additional support to the unemployed construction workforce and aims to help numerous individuals find sustainable employment in key areas across London Central, North & East where construction activity is planned. Participants can either undertake a placement in their original occupation or opt for a taster in a new occupation where there are recognised skills needs.

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